In synergy with the territory

Hemp has been grown in Italy for centuries, due to the Mediterranean climate that makes the country an ideal place for cultivation. Exported since the 14th century, Italian hemp was considered the best in the world.

Canapar Farming, a Canapar Group company, focuses its production in the sunniest regions of Southern Italy. Canapar’s established network includes successful partnerships with farmers and local companies connected with GACP – Good Agricultural and Collection Practices – for the cultivation of industrial hemp.

Canapar Farming uses only varieties listed in EU catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species. The biomass, obtained from the certified seeds, contains less than 0.2% THC , in accordance with the current law of PAC 2014-2020.

Our network

The expertise of an international partner, the research on varieties, the support in production. Discover the benefits of the Canapar Farmers Network.


Canapar Research & Development team, the expertise of our agronomists. We help you to take your business towards a more sustainable future.

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We develop optimized varieties of Canapa Sativa in order to guarantee the quality of the products and the sustainability.

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With our expertise we support Canapar farmers facing the main challenges of an evolving sector.

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Diventa un Farmer Canapar

Le nostre coltivazioni si ispirano ai principi e alle tecniche dell’agricoltura biologica e integrata, tutelando la biodiversità e la fertilità naturale del suolo.

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