Ragusa, IT, July 17, 2020 – “We want to thank Mr Giorgio Assenza, deputy of Sicily Region, because with this bill the agricoltural resurgence of Sicily could start”.

Sergio Martines, Canapar Corp. CEO, comments the proposed bill aimed at supporting the cannabis supply chain in Sicily.

“This is an example of how politics that is willing to support agriculture and an environmentally sustainable industry. Sicily went through very hard times: the agriculture and the industry experienced an impasse, but this is the time to get back on track. This has been highly requested by growers and by us, as we believed on the potential of this land. This proposed bill gives Sicily the opportunity to have a competitive advantage on the rest of Europe. Thanks to the bill, we could further open ourselves to the international market and we can work even harder to grow here in Sicily, because we want that this region becomes the European center for hemp processing.The today is crucial for our tomorrow, and Sicily cannot and should not miss such an opportunity”.

About Canapar

Founded in Sicily in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Canapar is the largest high-tech extraction plant in Europe for GMP active compounds and wellness products. Our vertically integrated cycle starts with cultivation and continues through its transformation into high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. All this is possible through our scientific team’s research and development of highly innovative technologies and processes. Canapar works in collaboration with the Di3A – Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment from the University of Catania, on several genetic improvement programs in order to implement farm techniques and identify the most suitable varieties of industrial hemp within our territory.